Creative Producer, Host, Entrepreneur, Beauty and Wellness Expert.

Who is Muna?

I can best describe myself as a happy, vivacious, busy working woman with a great desire for a beautiful life. I, too, am juggling a bustling career as an active producer, presenter and entrepreneur in the media production world.    I am also a makeup artist and certified holistic health coach. As you can see, I am one who likes to keep busy! It’s my goal to share my knowledge and passion in all things beauty & wellness and provide you the tools, tips and tricks to lead a more beautiful, happier and fierce life!

I've also developed an online platform, She Connects TV which features content from a diverse mix of talented, successful and inspiring experts from around the world. The channel covers all things you care and love about such as conscious living, beauty rituals, exercise habits, food choices, travel and more through stories and how-to videos that inspire and empower you.

What is Muna’s Journey so far?

I’m a dreamer and a believer. I can admit, I sometimes live in la la land, but reality brings me back to my purpose. I believe my true purpose is connecting with others, through many forms whether through the content I create, the talent I collaborate with, events I’m involved in or attend. Believing in myself is the first step to achieve anything in life. If I don’t love and value myself, I can’t reflect that in my practice.


You are who you are right? I truly believe if you want change in your life, you can make that happen! Whatever level of transformation, you must have an open mind and heart. And most importantly have patience (which is hard in this day in age of technology – I can really relate). I’ve always been a positive person, but I’ve noticed over the last few years I started to put a lot of pressure on myself. My goal was to be perfect – what is perfection? It was and is always hard to attain. I was never satisfied. I started to pick on everything in my life from body issues, career, health etc. I started to become bitter and unhappy on the inside, but on the outside I always kept a smile.


Since then, I’ve been on the mission to change my mindset and lead a healthier and happier lifestyle. I’ve read countless books, attended lectures, workshops and have tried various clean eating and health trends. I am also a certified Wellness Coach and Makeup Artist. I'm currently learning about Organic Skincare Formulation at Formula Botanica. I am happy that I have this newfound wealth and holistic view on life.


Today, I have a busy and ambitious life.I'm also a new mom. I want to share with you ways to live a more balanced and vibrant life through the topics you love and care about the most. I also team up with experts to get the lowdown on all things beauty, wellness, fitness, travel & more. I want to simply life for you by sharing tips and tricks for us busy women who are always on the go! Whether you are a mom, corporate executive, CEO, self-preneur to entrepreneur – anyone and everyone - I am here for you! Stay beautiful!



Where is Muna?

I consider myself a citizen of the world. Born in Damascus Syria to Somali and Yemeni parents, we then immigrated to Toronto, Canada when I was two. In my twenties, I ventured off to live in the glamorous and multi-cultural metropolis - Dubai, UAE. There I met, Dominic, my incredible and supportive husband and extraordinary culinary chef. In early 2016, we moved to the city of dreams - New York City. A year later our life has taken us to another inspiring city and one that I’ve dreamt of living for a long time - London, UK. And in 2020, we moved to another dream destination, Los Angeles, California before the pandemic. On top of our life changing move, I gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Joshua Zayn on 4th of July!

One thing I remember as a child is that I knew I had the travel bug in me and that I would be living around the world. I had this gut feeling that I can accomplish what I set my heart on and had that inner ability to always believe! 


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